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Pacific Northwest Investigations

As Washington’s leading property damage investigators, we’ve built a reputation for accuracy, integrity, and reliability. Our experts have been called on to investigate and provide expert testimony on countless structural investigations and structural code assessments. We also offer qualified repair planning and building and fire code consulting for both residential and commercial projects. Call us today for more information!

Insurance Investigations

We specialize in property loss investigations related to insurance claims and onsite structural inspections to determine the cause and origin of damage. Our dedicated team of fully licensed and certified engineers brings nearly 25 years of experience to every project and case we consult on. We’ll work closely with your legal team or representative to uncover any structural fault or cause of damage at your site. Call us today for a no-obligation, free initial consultation!

Repair Planning

We also provide repair planning services after the investigation has taken place and we have found the root of the problem. This entails a detailed plan of what is needed to bring the building back into its original condition. We can also upgrade the design to meet city and/or building/fire codes. 

Building & Fire Code Consulting

Assessing which codes an older building must adhere to can be challenging and costly if you make a mistake. We offer prompt, effective, and accurate building and fire code consulting that will ensure you meet all state requirements and save money in the process. We can determine when your building was constructed, what codes it met at that time, and which current codes it is required to meet. We’ll give you an accurate diagnostic and ensure you’re totally satisfied with our service.

Let us help you get your building back into shape.

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